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Hi. I am Omar.

My fascination with horror began when I was a kid.

It was the time of the early 90s. The only access I had to the horror genre was in the form of movie listings in the newspaper ‘The Statesman’, where variations of titles like ‘Bhayanak Raat’, ‘Zakhmi Rooh‘ and ‘Khoon ki Pyaasi‘ intrigued me to no end.

I used to wonder what kind of a raat (night) could be bhayanak (horrifying) and imagined all kinds of witches and ghouls descending upon my bedroom right when the night was at its quietest. The situation was worsened by the colony watchman and the deathly shrill of his whistle. Our house was on the first floor and we slept with the windows open for enough ventilation. But more often than not, the open windows seemed to me as an easy way for the watchman to climb into my room and scare me out of my wits.

I hated and loved being scared, and this made me even more interested in anything related to horror.

The national broadcaster, Doordarshan, also played a big role in shaping my interest further. During those days, cable TV was perceived by academically-inclined parents such as mine to be “total time-wasters” and whatever we had to watch was to be done on DD only. So while I missed out on some iconic stuff like ‘Zee Horror Show’ and ‘Aahat’, there were various shows on DD to satiate my horror obsession, such as Ramanand Sagar’s Sri Krishna, which featured a lot of monsters, Alif Laila (Ramanand Sagar’s version of the Arabian Nights), and Lekin Wo Sach Tha – a really scary show that sought to dispel any superstitions or disbelief in strange, bizarre, and supernatural phenomena.

I remember a particular moment from Alif Laila that made me lose sleep for a couple of nights. It’s when Sinbad follows a bewitchingly beautiful lady dressed in white, who keeps casting furtive glances at him, and just when the episode is about to end, reveals her monstrous fangs. It was quite unexpected and those fangs kept haunting me throughout the night. I thought the moment I would uncover myself from the blanket, the lady in white would be ready to pounce upon me. It was a fun and frightening experience.

As years passed, I watched more mainstream horror movies like ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Exorcist, courtesy friends who would invite us over (me and my siblings – two brothers). Apart from superhero and fantasy movies, horror quickly became my favorite genre and I didn’t miss out on any opportunity to watch a scary flick.

The advent of the internet and P2P sharing websites like BitTorrent was a game-changer. In a country like India, where movie rentals were expensive and watching films on cable TV was an annoying experience due to all the ads, downloading movies was a godsend for movie buffs, especially horror fans like me who could access rare, unknown movies from around the world. Every subgenre in horror was now accessible – from slashers, found footage and supernatural horrors to monster movies, psychological thrillers, body horror, SciFi horror… it was an endless goldmine.

Things have drastically changed now with OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and even a dedicated horror streaming platform like Shudder. Horror is no more a genre that is shunned by big movie studios and we have been seeing a lot more scary films and TV shows being made than before.

For me, horror is a passion that sometimes takes a feverish grip on me. Apart from movies and TV shows, I keep exploring books, novellas, and games that will terrify me out of my skin. It is a unique, cathartic experience.

I wanted to start a website where I could pen down and share everything I come across in horror. While movies and TV shows will certainly be an important part of CrazyHorror, I am also keen to explore more ancient legends and stories in different cultures, traditions, and religions around the world. For example, wouldn’t you want to know about a scary story written in the Urdu language, monsters in Hindu mythology, or urban legends of Egypt?

For all horror fans around the world, let’s make horror more exciting than ever!

Connect with me: omar1618@gmail.com

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